LEAP sessions are done throughout the year.  LEAP sessions are 4-5 consecutive days of our reading program.

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Can my child do a LEAP clinic during the school year?
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What does a typical reading session look like?

On average, our students move one reading level every 5 sessions.  We keep data on your child during every session.  Once our data shows that your child has moved from an instructional level to an independent level, we move them up!

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How does my child move up in levels?
What does the Stretch & Catch Method look like?
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Yes, a comprehensive Literacy Evaluation will be sent to you via email within 2 days.  This report will include your child's Instructional Reading Level, Comprehension, Instructional Spelling Level and High Frequency Word Level.

Do I get to see my child's Initial Literacy Evaluation?

The Stretch & Catch Method is a tactile approach to understanding and "seeing" the patterns within words.  This method uses your fingers to STRETCH out a word, look for the pattern within the word, and then CATCH the word, in order to read the word.

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What is the Stretch & Catch Method?

Students work 1:1 virtually or in person for a 30 min session. During this session, students work on their reading fluency, reading comprehension, developmental spelling, high frequency words and grammar, using our tactile approach.

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